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Interjection is a part ofspeech in English language.

An interjection is a word that expresses a strong emotion.

It expresses emotion of joy, sorrow, excitement, wonder surprise, pain, sadness, happiness, and so on.

e.g. Oh, Wow, Hurrah, Alas, Ouch, Oops, Aha, Yahoo, Eww, e.t.c.


Hurrah! We won the game! (Emotion of joy)
Alas! I failed the exam! (Emotion ofsorrow)
Wow! What a beautiful car! (Emotion ofsurprise)
Oh! I forgot to bring my purse! (Emotion ofsorrow)
Ouch! It hurts! (Emotion of pain)
Eww! It tastes so bad! (Emotion of disliking)
Yahoo! I got a job! (Emotion of joy)
Huh! I don’t care! (Emotion ofscorn)

Interjections are usually specific words such as ‘Hurrah, Wow, Oh, Ouch, Huh’. Apart from these specific
words, some nouns and adjectives are also sometimes used as interjections.

Adjectives used as Interjections

Great! You helped the poor!
Nice! You played very well!
Good! We can use it.
Sweet! It looks so cute.

Nouns used as Interjections

Congratulations! You got a job!
Hello! How are you?
Man! Where were you?

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