Recent IELTS Speaking questions 2018 –

Recent IELTS Speaking questions 2018

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December 2018

Part 1

What is your name?
Where are you from?
House or apartment
Where do you live? A house or an apartment?
Do you think you will move to a new place?
What is your favourite room?
Work or study
Do you work or study?
Where do you work?
What would you think you need to change?
What do you do at work – your responsibilities?
How was your first day?
Where do you study?
What do you like about there?
What do you like to change about there?

Favourite colour
Did you wear bright colours when you were a child?
What colour is suitable for walls
Colour of cars

Why do you have people prefer international food?
What is the most recent international food that you tried?
When you were a child, did you eat a lot of foreign food?
Do you think the food of foreign country will be popular in your country?

Do you like rain?
Do you get a lot of rain in your city?
Do you prefer wet or dry climate?
Do you prefer to do out on rainy days?
Did you cancel your plan in the past just because of the rain?

Do you wear a watch? Why?
Do you like being on time?
Is it a part of your culture? Why?
How do you feel when someone on late? Why?
Do you usually be on time or do you often late?

What do you take on breakfast?
What do you change about your morning routine?
Was it the same when you were a child?

Lost items
What type of items do people commonly lose?
What are some ways in which you can find lost items?
Does the particular type of people tend to lose items more often than others?

Part 2
Describe a time when you receive money as a gift.

  • who gave it to you?
  • the reason why you receive money?
  • how did you feel about it?

Describe something that you were wearing in a special occasion. 

  • What was it?
  • When n where did you wear it?
  • What was the response of others?

Describe any family business you know

  • What is the business?
  • How do you know them?
  • What do you like about them?

Describe the time when you helped someone in his/her studies.

  • Who was that person?
  • How did you help?
  • How he felt by getting your help?

Describe a website you regularly use, which helped you

  • Which site is it?
  • How did you know about it?
  • How did it help

Describe a leisure activity

  • What do you do?
  • Where do you like to do it?
  • Why do you like to do this?

Describe an item that you lost?

  • What did you lose?
  • Where did you lose?
  • What did you do after losing?

Describe a comic actor who is popular in your country

  • Who is he/she
  • What type of person he/she is
  • How you came to know about him/her
  • Why he/she is popular

Describe a time you used public transport

  • When was it?
  • Where did you go?
  • Who was with you and what did you do?

Describe a faraway place that you would like to visit

  • Where is it?
  • Why do you want to go?
  • How will you go?

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Part 3


Do you think it is better to work with a small business company or a big company? Why?
Don’t you think there is a lot of learning experience with smaller companies?
How should small companies work their way toward success?
Is it better for companies to expand internationally? What are the benefits and disadvantages?
Should the government restrict the international expansion of companies?
How will it affect the local economy?
What do you think will happen if multi-national company exit the country?


How do people in your country dress? Formal or informal?
How do you think modern clothing has affected the traditional one?
On which occasions do people wear formal clothes in your country?
Is it important to wear formal clothing or you can wear informal in most of the events?
Why do people wear formal clothes in certain jobs?
Why are there uniforms in certain professions?
Are uniforms important?

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June, July, August Cue cards 2018

June 2018

Part 1

Typical topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1


When do people usually gift each other in your country?
Is the trend changing?
What is the gift you got recently?
Was there any gift you disliked, if so what and why?

Part 3


Do you think men and women have different taste in entertainment?
What kind of entertainment do the children like? How does it differ from the past?
Is there any circus in your city?
Why do children like going to circus?
Why do adults like computer games?
What makes these game more interesting?
Do you agree that educational activity helps growth of children?


What varieties of food are available in your country?
Are international meals popular in your region?
How food trends are varying in households?
Do you see a great revamp happening?
How does transportation affect food delivery internationally?
How does science and technology impact food?

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May 2018

Part 1

Typical topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1

Do you get bored?
How do you avoid boredom?
What do you do when you get bored?
When was the last time you were bored?

In your childhood, did you eat more foreign food?
Do you eat foreign food now?
Do you feel the next generation will have more foreign food?
Did you try any foreign food when you were a child?
Have you tried any new food recently?
Do you think youngsters in your country prefer foreign food these days?
Do you think people would eat more or less food in the future?

Going out
What is the most interesting place you went out?
Which is your favourite place for outing?
Do you like to go out alone or with some friends?
Where would you like to go out in the future?
What kind of places do you enjoy during one-day outings?
What is good for children- playing video games or having outdoor activities?

Do you like rains?
Does it rain heavily where you live?
Do you like to get wet in rains?
What do you prefer living in wet areas or dry?

Do you use maps?
When did you learn to use maps?
What do you prefer electronic or paper maps?
Have you ever try asking other people for directions?
Did you get yourself trained in using map?

How do you welcome someone who visits you?
Who is better in welcoming people, your generation or your parents’?
How often do you visit people and what would be the reasons?
Do you find visiting people interesting?

Phones and apps
Do you use apps on your phone?
What kind of apps do you use?
What do people use apps for?
What is the mobile phone app you use the most?
Is there an app you wish you had?
Have you ever wanted to develop your own app?
Do you think mobile phones are used for the same reasons as they were earlier?

Do you write?
Did you write as a child?
Which do you prefer, writing or typing?
Do you think writing will change in the future?

Part 3

Does photography require professional skills?
Do you think both news and pictures are important in newspapers?
Is it important to take pictures while travelling or it is a waste of time?
Do you think paintings will be replaced by photographs?
What sort of wrong doing is there related to photography nowadays?
How do you feel about photographers?
Do you think passion is important for photography?
What is your opinion on cameras in mobile phones?
Do people use mobiles more for photos or to talk?
With the advent of digital technology, has printing of photographs become redundant or may it happen in the future?
What is your take on the manipulation of photographs in today’s digital world?
Can photographs we see around be trusted?

Is it a good thing to change your mind?
Why do you think people often change their mind?
Do you think recent advances in technology lead people to change their mind?
Do you think these changes are good?
Do you think it would be better if these changes happened gradually?
Do older people change their minds more often?
How does emotion factor into people changing their minds?

Should children talk a lot to express their ideas?
Do you think parents should teach them to talk?
Should children be quiet and listen to others?
What are the places that children have to be quiet?

Public places
Are public places important?
What are different public places youth and elder people prefer to go?
Are the public places need to be accessed for free?
Why do people in cities feel lonelier?
What can be done to reduce it?

Being polite
Is it important to be polite in your country?
How do people in your generation learn good manners?
Who do you think is usually more polite, your parents’ generation or your generation?
How could you be polite to people and how does it will affect your country?

Do you think people prefer restaurant food than home cooked meal?
Why do you think people eat at restaurants?
Do you think restaurant food represents value for money?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of transporting food over a long distance?

Family relationship
Do older people talk more to their family than to friends?
Do you feel grandparents play a role in the life of their grandchildren?
Do many people live in extended family in your country?

Any situations when you have helped a friend?
How can family members and friends be helped?
Do grandparents like to help grandchildren?
Do children help their parents?

Do you like pet animals?
Do you think animal should be kept in zoos?
What is your opinion on keeping endangered animals in zoos?
How can I support the cause for helping endangered animals?
What can an ordinary person do to support animals which are going to extinct?
What do you think government should do in regard to endangered species?

Is teamwork important at work?
What are the factors, which affect teamwork?
What will happen if the team members are not at same level? How to mitigate such issue?
What skills are required to have a successful team?
Can the skills be acquired by formal training or gained only by experience?

Phones and apps
Why are apps so important?
Would you be able to live without a phone?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones?

Are there any changes when it comes to what people prefer to wear nowadays than in the past?
When and where do people in your country wear formal clothes? Why?
What do you think about globalization? Does it affect fashion nowadays?
Do you think that people would wear different clothes in the future or there would be changes in fashion trends?

Is it important to concentrate?
Why is it important for kids to concentrate when they do sport?
Do mobile phones affect kids’ ability to concentrate?
Do you think people nowadays have issues with concentration?
Why is it important to teach children how to concentrate from a young age?
What parents should do?
Which jobs require full concentration?
What factors affect concentration during job?

Going out
Do you think young people can have more active outings compared to older people?
(she did try to challenge my answer here, just like you cautioned)
Do you think older people can have active outings as much as young people?

Historical buildings
Do you like to visit historical buildings?
Why do people visit historical buildings?
Should these historical buildings be free entry or paid ones?
Should maintaining the buildings be government priority?
How can we keep the historical buildings clean?

What is happiness?
Is it the government duty for people to be happy?
What are the places where people feel happy?

Is service important for you when you visit a shop?
What should be a service people’s attitude like?
Is face to face interaction better than over phone etc for service personnel?
Have you always received a good service?

Leisure time
What people do in your country in their leisure time?
Do they visit their friends and relatives on getting invitations or without any invitations?
Do they prefer visiting on weekends or any day?
Did people in the past have more leisure time than these days?

Work-life balance
Do you think there should be a balance between work and life? Why?
Can employers play a role in providing a balanced life for their employees?
How communication technology ( mobiles, internet, etc.) has affected a balanced life?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of using this technology in a balanced life?

How many hours of sleep do you need? Why?
Do you do anything special to have a good night’s sleep?
Does it help to take a short nap during the afternoon?
Do you think older or younger people need less sleep? Why?
Do you think there are any benefits to having a short sleep in the afternoons?

Spending money
Can money buy happiness?
How children can be told the right way of spending money?
Do you think credit cards helped people to do more shopping/increase their spending power?
Do you think governments spend money on unimportant things?

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April 2018

Part 1

Typical topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1


Tell me about your hometown?
What’s special about your hometown?
How long have you been living there?


How do you feel about your secondary school?
Do you think you enjoyed more at secondary school?
Do you still have friends from secondary school?
Who is the most important teacher at your school?


How well do you remember friends you had at elementary school?
Are your friends today mostly the people you work or study with?
Do you enjoy chatting to your friends online?
When you meet your friends, what do you like to do?


Do you own a dictionary?
Do you think writing a dictionary would be interesting?
If someone gave you a dictionary as a gift, what would you think of it?


How many hours of sleep do you usually get?
Do you think napping during the day is a good idea?
Do you agree that elder people need more sleep than younger people?

Part 2

Describe a time when someone took a good photograph of you.

  • when and where was the photo taken?
  • who took the photo?
  • what does the photo depict?

Follow-up question

Do you like to get your photographs clicked?

Describe a traditional product from your country

  • What is it?
  • When did you first buy it?
  • Did you like it?

Follow-up question

What are the other major traditional products in your country?

Describe a car journey you remember well

  • Why did you make the journey?
  • Who was with you?
  • How long did the journey take?
  • And explain why you remember this journey so well.

Follow-up question

Do you think you will make this journey again?
Do you generally enjoy traveling by car?

Part 3


What’s your favourite wild animal?
Is it important for children to be close to animals?
Have you ever visited a zoo?
Do you think watching animals on tv channels is good enough as a substitute?


Do you think tourists prefer to buy traditional products when they travel?
How has globalization affected traditions and culture in your country?
Do you think governments should enforce traditional craft industry?
Will the traditions and cultural events remain in future?


Do you think it is important to celebrate events?
What are the main events in people’s life?
Do you think it is better to watch an international event that is happening in a different country online or be present at the event?


How effective is public transport in your country?
How could public transport be improved?
Why should governments encourage car drivers to use less cars?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of having driverless cars?
Will there be soon the need to invent new modes of transport such as flying cars?

March 2018

Part 1

Typical topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1


What is the meaning of your name?
Do you think names in your culture have meaning?
Are there any common names in your culture ?
Do people do anything specific when deciding a name or naming a baby?
What do you think influences names in a culture?


What is the set of activities that you do with your family?
What are the activities that you have done with your family in your childhood?
Do you feel that there is change in the way you spend time with your family now?


Do you like rains? Why/why not ?
Have you ever been caught by rains without raincoat / umbrella?
Do you think rains affect the behaviour of people?

Eating habits

How many times do you eat a day?
Whom do you enjoy eating with?
What is your favourite meal?


Have you ever travelled in a boat?
Would you like to spend holiday travelling by boat?
Do people in your country use boat as a method to travel?

Part 2

Describe your idea of a perfect home

  • where will it be?
  • what would you do to make it perfect?
  • what would you feel about it?

Describe an activity you would like to do with the elder people in your family

  • what is the activity?
  • when did you do it?
  • when are you planning to do it again?
  • how does that make you feel?

Describe a kind of furniture you have at home

  • what was it?
  • how did you decide which one to buy?
  • do your friends like the furniture in your house?

Describe a toy you used to have as a child

  • who gave it to you?
  • whom did you play it with?
  • why did you like it?

Describe a situation when you received positive feedback

  • what was it about?
  • who gave the feedback?
  • why did you receive that possitive feedback?

Describe a thing you just bought and are happy about it

  • why did you buy it?
  • why did you select this product?
  • where did you purchase it?
  • why are so happy about that thing?

Describe a historical event

  • why is it important?
  • when and where was it?
  • what is you attitude to it?

Describe a sport celebrity you admire

  • who is it?
  • what qualities you like about him/her?
  • which field is he/she famous in?

Describe a public park you used to visit as a child

  • whom with?
  • what did you do there?
  • why did you like it?

Describe a place in your city where concerts are being held

  • where is it?
  • what kind of people usually go there?
  • how often do you go there?

Describe an interesting person you met who came from out of your country

  • what is his/her name?
  • when and how did you meet?
  • describe how he/she looks?
  • why is this person interesting to you?

Describe about an interesting person who is most popular

  • what makes him/her popular?
  • what does he/she do?
  • what qualities are interesting?

Describe an ideal vacation

  • where would you go?
  • whom with?
  • what do you want to do there?
  • why you think it would be ideal to go to that place?

Part 3


Do you think people spend a lot on furnitures these days?
Why do they do so ?
What are the different materials that furniture is made of?
What are the qualities that a designer (stylist / fashion designer) should posses to be successful?

Houses and living

What are the impacts people have when they select a house?
Do locations where people live represent their personalities?
What kind of personalities people living on the countryside have?
Why do people choose to live in posh areas?


Do you think both parents have an impact on a child?
How important is it to a child to grow up in an extended family or with grandparents?
What are the benefits of grandparents if they stay with their grandchildren?
Do you think teenagers respect elders in present world?
Do people spend enough time with their kids, why/why not?
How do they manage childcare when they have to work?


Do you have many toys?
What should be considered when buying toys for children?
Should children be allowed to choose toys by themselves?
Why do parents buy a lot of toys for their children?
Do you think there is a connection between the toy industry and cartoon film industry?
Is it good for children to play with toys?


How important is public recognition?
Does everyone want public recognition?
Explain a situation where people give false positive feedback.
What are the advantages of positive feedback?
What about negative feedback?
How do people take positive feedback compared to negative feedback?


Many people think that young people don’t pay attention to history. Why/why not?
Many people tend to watch historical films rather than travelling to historical places. Why/why not?
Why people should learn history?
Why people travel for a long distances?


Do children have good access to music?
Should children learn to play an instrument?
Is it generally good to listen to music on the internet without any charge?


Why do youngsters follow sports celebrities?
What can teenagers learn from them?
Are there any differences in the sport now comparing to the past?


Do you often travel by plane?
What are the types of vacations?
What things do you need to carry for your vacations?
How do you plan your vacation? is it important to have a plan?
Some people believe that spending more money makes good vacation, do you agree?
Do you have the chance to meet people across the world?
Is it important to know something about the country, it’s people and culture before you visit it?
Is it interesting to make friends in the country you are planning to visit?


What mode of transport facilities do people use in your country?
Which mode is cheaper either train or bus?
Are buses in your country good to travel for long distances?


Do you think it’s good to have public parks in cities?
Should public parks be free for all?
How does tourism affect parks?
What can government do to protect parks?
Do you think it’s easy to protect parks and why?

February 2018

Part 1

Typical topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1


What kind of music do you like?
Did you listen to music more when you were younger?
Do you think music will change in the near future?
Do you prefer to buy CDs or to download music from the internet?


Do you know any teenagers?
What are the favourite activities for teenagers in your city?
What do you think about teenager fashion?
What was the most exciting thing you liked in your teenager age?

How often you travel?
Have you ever travelled by plane?
How does it feel travelling by plane?

Part 2

Describe an interesting person you met who came from out of your country

  • what is his/her name?
  • when and how did you meet?
  • describe how he/she looks?
  • why is this person interesting to you?

Describe a businessperson who you admire

  • who is he/she?
  • what does he/she do?
  • why do you admire this person?

Describe your favourite subject

  • what is it?
  • how long have you been studying it?
  • why do you like learning it and who taught you that subject?

Describe an ideal vacation

  • where would you go?
  • whom with?
  • what do you want to do there?
  • why do you think it would be ideal to go to that place?

Describe a rule that you had at school

  • what was it?
  • did you like it or not?
  • why/why not?

Describe a time you were happy with the customer service of a company

  • when was it?
  • what was the product?
  • how did they solve the problem?

Describe a time you enjoyed the company with elder people

  • when was it?
  • who were they?
  • what event do you most enjoy with them?

Use IELTS vocabulary for describing people

Describe a TV programme that you watched

  • what was the name of the programme?
  • how often do you watch it?
  • whom did you watch it with?
  • will you continue watching it in the future?

Describe about a furniture you like in your home?

  • what is the furniture?
  • what is it made of?
  • who chooses the furniture in your home?

Part 3


What business is thriving in your country?
What is needed to be a successful business person?
Do you think people should stick to one business or change every now and then?
Do you think people working in business need to be hard hearted?
What do you think about reputation in business, is it important?
Do you think the way we conduct business is different since the rising of social media?


Can people find cheap vacations?
Why should people go on vacations?
Why is it important for companies to arrange special vacation packages for their employees?
Why are some people reluctant to go on vacations?


What kind of book do people in your country like to read?
Do you think older people would like to read books that usually read by younger people?
Do you think it’s better to watch the movie first then read the original book or read the book first then watch the movie?
Do you think by watching the movie, people will be encouraged to read the original book?

Customer service

Will you recommend this company to your friends in the future?
How important it is for companies to have customer call centres?
Which one is better to solve a customers’ problem, face to face or on the phone?
What qualities does a call center employee should have?
Do you think it is important for companies to have feedback from customers?


What significant events do people celebrate worldwide?
Do you know any international events that are celebrated?
How do countries benefit from celebrating such events?


Which one, do you think, is more important in education: good teachers or facilities?
How teaching methods are determined in a country?
What does your country aim for while selecting educational topics?
Why do you think there is a difference among different countries’ education systems?
Do you think parents should be involved in determining educational topics?
Would you think differently if parents in consideration were well-educated people?

Being famous

Do you think children could be famous? Why?
Why do people become famous?
Do you think people remember celebrities for a longer time as compared to ordinary ones? Why?
Why is it easier for youth to follow celebrities?
Which type of person become celebrities in you country?
Do you follow or inspired by any celebrity? Why?

January 2018

Part 1

Typical topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1

Work and studies, dwelling

Tell me your full name, and what should I call you.
Where do you live?
What do like most about living there?
How long have you lived there?

Eating habits

Do you eat breakfast?
What time do you eat it at?
What of other meals ?
Whom do you like eating meals with?
Do prefer cooking your meals or eating out?
Do you usually eat out?

Studies, school

Who was your favourite teacher?
What do you like about the person?
Do you remember your first day at secondary school?
Do you still get in touch with your former classmates?


Do you prefer music?
Did you use to listen to the music more?
Whether you prefer buying CD’s or download music?
How music is changed?


How much hours is enough to sleep for you?
What is needed for you to feel good after sleep?
How do you think is it a good idea to sleep in the daytime?

Part 2

Describe a facility that you would like to have in your town

  • what is that facility?
  • why would you like it?
  • where would you like to have this facility?
  • how would that facility help?

Follow-up question

how that technology center benefit youngster of your town?

Describe a device (not laptop) that you use often

  • what is it?
  • how often do you use it?
  • what do you use it for?
  • and why do you like it?

Follow-up question

What are the most popular devices in your country?

Describe a time when you saved money for something.

  • What did you save for?
  • How did you save money?
  • How long did you save money for?

Follow-up question

How can people save money?

Describe a time when someone took a good photograph of you.

  • when and where was the photo taken?
  • who took the photo?
  • what does the photo depict?

Follow-up question

Do you like to get your photographs clicked?

Describe an achievement you are proud of.

  • What is it?
  • How did you do it?
  • Who helped you?
  • How much are you proud of it?

Describe a traditional product you bought.

  • What is this?
  • How was it made?
  • How does it look like?
  • And what do you like the most about it?

Part 3


Is it good to take a lot of photographs?
There are a lot of additions made to photographs these days. What attitude of people does this show?
Is this going to affect the photographers and their working style?
Do people like digital photographs or printed photographs? How will this change in the future?
Will photographs replace paintings in the future?


What is the importance of learning about our traditions and history?
Should the traditions be learnt about home or school?
Is it the responsibility of the government to maintain traditions? How?
How does the globalization affect traditions?


Who should learn people how to use devices, especially elderly people?
Were devices simplier before?
Does technology give people more leisure time and create new workplaces?
How do you think technology will allow people not to work in future?


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