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What is a Noun?

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What is a Noun?

Noun is an important part ofspeech which is used a lot in written as well as spoken English.

A noun is a word that names a place, a person, a thing, an animal or an idea.

Examples:‘table, chair, New York, book, cup, boy, computer, Newton, hospital, garden, room, Paris,
man, doctor, engineer, glass, dog, cat, rabbit, hen’ are all nouns because each of them is a name of a
person, a place, a thing or an animal.

A noun can also be a name of an abstract feeling or an idea such as ‘love, anger, happiness etc’.

Names of things: Book, table, chair, camera, cup, picture, bottle, computer
Names of places: London, Paris, New York, Toronto, college, cinema, hospital, garden,
Names of persons: David, Newton, Stephen, Einstein, girl, boy, man engineer, teacher, doctor
Names of animals: Cat, dog, hen, rabbit, penguin, bird, horse, peacock, nightingale

Nouns in Sentences
Names of things:
I bought a book.
He repaired his camera.
I have two computers.
She opened a bottle.
He made a chair.

Names of places:
He lives in London.
They were playing in a garden.
She works in a hospital.
The shop opens at 10 A.M.
They are sitting in a room.
We will go to a zoo.

Names of persons:
David will come today.
He is laughing.
This woman has three sons.
My brother never tells a lie.
My father is a decent man.
The dog is barking at a stranger.

Names of animals:
He is riding a horse.
She has two cats.
The dog is barking at a stranger.
A parrot is flying in the air.
I saw an elephant in the zoo.

Names of idea:
Sincerity in friendship leads to happiness.
Never go against the law.
Frustration is usually the cause of anger.
His love for his country was remarkable.

Nouns can be divided into following types:Click to read.
Common and Proper Nouns
Countable and Uncountable Nouns

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