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There was a time when people could hardly believe that musicians would be able to create quite a fortune for themselves. This widespread notion about musicians didn’t wither away until some maestros started exploring lucrative options to sell their creations. Thanks to these stalwarts who busted many myths and mesmerized all with their creativity. Not only did the world take notice of them, but they also hauled in a lot of royalty money to their bank accounts. These richest stars have created quite a stir in the music industry and earned unending fame after recording chart-toppers, alongside endorsing several brands and deals.


Being in the 5th position in terms of wealthiest musicians around the globe, Herb is worth $850 million. If you can recall Rise, the sensual disco anthem released back in 1979. You will surely be able to tell just how impressive was his style. Since his Rise days, Herb has come a long way, eventually establishing himself as one of the most iconic figures in the pop music scene.

Herb, however, stands a tad unusual, since his fame wasn’t really from the conventional urban, pop or rock music. His stardom was gradual, right from the time his career took off as the instrumentalist and composer of the group- Herp Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. He is the proud recipient of nine Grammy’s and produced five albums that reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. What more?

Madonna –  $850 Million

Madonna is considered to be the “Queen of Pop”, and is the 4th best selling music artist worldwide! She had a rough start when she first moved to New York to pursue her singing career, which you can listen to in some of the interviews on YouTube.

However, since then, she’s become the 2nd richest singer in the world, and at 59 years old, Madonna’s net worth is estimated to be $850 million.


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