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B2 Reading tests

B2 is one of the CEFR levels described by the Council of Europe.

Job advertisements
Read five job adverts and answer the questions.

Talking about countries
Read part of an employee handout regarding working with businesses in other countries.

Describing of places
Read the text and answer the questions.

Read about Parkour and freerunning, then answer the questions.

The Environment
Read about a proposal to build a solar farm near a British village called Barnley. Then answer the questions.

Read about a government scheme to keep people healthy.

Look at the website which gives advice about Transportation and Distribution in International Trade.
Read these extracts from the website. Which links on the website (A-J) would contain this information?

Read information on a website about a tour of Iceland. You have noted down the following questions about the Iceland tour. Is the answer available in the text above?

B2 Reading
B2 Listening
B2 Grammar
B2 Vocabulary

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