A2 Listening: Shopping

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This page will help you practise for the KET and PTE General level 1 exams
Anna is staying with her friend, Robert. Today, Robert has to work. Listen to their conversation. Complete the sentences with one of the words in the word box. You will not need them all.

market    delicatessen    jeweller’s    toy shop
department store    bank    pharmacy    greengrocer’s
newsagent    supermarket    post office    florist’s   bakeries

1. Robert suggests that Anna goes to the   to buy presents for her Mum and Dad.
2. In the market, there are  and delicatessens.
3. Robert recommends the  for a gift for Anna’s sister.
4. There isn’t a  in the town.
5. Robert suggests Anna goes to the  for her brother’s gift.
6. Anna needs to buy something for herself from the  .
7. Robert asks Anna to buy something from the butcher’s and the  .
8. Robert has to go to the

Robert: So, what do you plan to do today?
Anna: Well, I’d like to go shopping. I want to buy some gifts for my family. Where is the best place to go?
Robert: Well, what would you like to buy?
Anna: I’m not sure, exactly.  Maybe some nice marzipan for my Mum.  And my Dad would like some German wine. Is there a supermarket?
Robert: Yes, there is, but you should go to the market.  It’s an indoor market. It’s open every day. There are some great bakeries and a great delicatessen. You can buy some nice food there. It’s better quality than the supermarket.
Anna: Okay, that sounds good.  And I need something for my sister too.
Robert: There is a nice jeweller’s near the market. You will find some nice gifts there.
Anna: Oh yes, I remember it. Next to the lovely florist’s.
Robert: That’s right.
Anna: Great. And is there a toy shop? I’d like to buy a game for my brother.
Robert: No, sorry, there aren’t any toy shops here. But you can buy toys at Hauffman’s. That’s a department store.  It’s in the centre of town.
Anna: Good idea, I’ll try that.  Oh, is there a pharmacy near here?  I need some sun cream.
Robert: Yes, there’s a pharmacy at the end of this street, next to the post office.
Anna: Great.
Robert: Actually, can you buy some things for me while you are in town?
Anna: Sure. What do you need?
Robert: Could you get some chicken for dinner tonight?  There’s a butcher’s in the square at the end of the street.  It’s opposite the newsagent, where we went yesterday. And there’s a greengrocer’s there, as well. Can you buy some potatoes, some carrots and some apples?
Anna: Sure. No problem.
Robert: I’ll give you some money.  Ah – no, I don’t have any. I need to go to the bank. I can go there later.
Anna: Don’t worry, I’ll buy them.
Robert: Are you sure?
Anna: Of course.
Robert: Thanks very much!

1) market   2) bakeries    3) jeweller’s    4) toy shop   5) department store    6) pharmacy   7) greengrocer’s  8) bank 

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