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15 Extreamly Useful Letter Examples for IELTS Test

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15 Extreamly Useful Letter Examples for IELTS Test

Topic 1: The street where you live is in poor condition. Write a letter to City Council. In your letter, you

  • Explain the situation
  • Explain the likely consequence
  • Describe the change you expect to occur

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter concerning the decline in standards on the highway and byway at our street, Green Avenue, Peterson. I have been living here for over 10 years and was always proud of the way our town looked, but the current state of disrepair and neglect is disappointing.

The footpath is now badly in need of repair and it is totally overgrown with weeds — let alone all the accumulated rubbish. It is a major hazard to children and to the elderly who could easily have a serious accident. We now have an additional problem with wet leaves decaying in huge heaps along the paths. These could also cause an accident especially now that we have had so much rain in the last few days. I am wondering what your council intends to do to rectify this situation. I look forward to receiving your reply by return.

Yours faithfully…

Topic 2: Your neighbour is a pet owner, but has problems in keeping his dog on a lead. Write a letter to your neighbour. In your letter, you

  • Explain your situation
  • Describe the problems
  • Tell him what you think he can do to remedy the situation

Dear Mr. Smith,

This letter is to request you to pay attention to your dog. I suggest that you control your dog and stop your dog from barking.

On several occasions I have mentioned to you that your dog’s constant barking during the night is causing us a great deal of disturbance. I was hoping that we could settle this matter amicably, but it now seems to me that you are totally unable or unwilling to control your animal. Believe me or not, Ms. Collins and Mr. Weber have talked to me about this problem as well. I am writing to inform you that if a solution to this problem is not forthcoming within the next seven days, I very much regret that I will have no choice but to put the matter in the hands of City Council.

I am looking forward to your reply in due course and your earliest action.

Yours sincerely…

Topic 3: You booked a holiday with a travel agency but the tour did not live up to your expectations. Write a letter to the agency. In your letter, you

  • Describe the problem
  • Explain what you expected on your holiday
  • Explain what you want the travel agency to do

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I wish to complain about the service provided by one of your travel operators. Jenny Chang. I contracted with her for a holiday I booked in Sydney for a total cost of $ 2, 000, but later discovered that the tour fell below an acceptable standard.

On February 13, 2006, I talked to Mrs. Jenny Chang and reminded her of some special requirements I had, including a double room in a four-star hotel, ten main places of interest and so forth. Your tour operator confirmed that these would be surely arranged. Unfortunately, these requirements were not met. The four-star hotel was in fact a three-star hotel, and the room service was below the average. The so-called double room was cramped and caused me considerable discomfort. The guide took us to six places of interest (instead of ten, as set out in the contract) and some famous tourism sites were not on our itinerary. Since you undertook to book a holiday in accordance with my requirements and your tour operator assured me that all my requirements would be met, I must hold you responsible for my disappointment.

Please let me know how you propose to settle this matter.

Yours sincerely…

Topic 4: You wanted to have your computer fixed by the computer shop you bought it from, but the shop refused to repair it. Write a letter to the manager of the computer shop. In your letter, you

  • Describe the problem with your computer
  • Explain why you are not satisfied with the service
  • Explain what you want the shop to do

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to notify you of a claim for damaged goods against your shop. Besides, I am disappointed concerning your attendants’ rude and brusque manner when dealing with clients’ request. It is hurting your business.

I purchased a HP computer in your computer shop early last week. It worked well in the first week, but later displayed some obvious problems. First, on the screen, some dark dots appeared, which have seriously blurred the screen. I thought that your shop would at least manage to check the computer and give me some suggestions, as the computer is under one-year-long warranty. However, much to my astonishment, the shop attendants insisted that they were not held responsible, and the only suggestion they generously left me was to refer this problem to the manufacturer directly. This situation is causing me considerable anxiety.

Unless you take prompt action to fix the computer or refund the purchase price in full, I will be forced to take legal action regarding your shop’s refusal to honour the warranty. I hope we can work something out to our mutual benefit.

Your earliest response will be appreciated.

Faithfully yours…

Topic 5: You bought a CD player from a shop, but found it didn’t work. You are writing to the manufacturer for compensation. In your letter, you

  • Describe the problems with the CD player
  • Describe the way the shop assistants treated you
  • Suggest solutions to this problem

To whom it may concern,

I want to inform you of my dissatisfaction with a CD player (RHE 340) produced by your company. I purchased this item on January 12 at the Novel Store in New Market for £ 750 dollars. The CD player is faulty and has the following problems: First, it fails to read songs sometimes. Second, I saw several scratches on the CD player when I first unfolded the package. I wonder whether it is a used CD player. I brought it back to the retail shop one week later, but the shop attendant refused to either fix or replace it, saying that it was the responsibility of the manufacturer. I have no choice but forward this issue to your company. Unless you replace this CD player with a new one or refund the purchase price in full, I will be forced to take legal action.

Your earliest response would be highly appreciated.

Yours truly….

Topic 6: You attended a two-day-long course, but you are not satisfied with part of the course. Write a letter to the course organiser. In your letter, you

  • Describe your experience with the course
  • Explain why there is room for improvement
  • Describe what improvement can be made

Dear Mr. Clinton,

I hope that this unintended letter would not have surprised you. I used to study in your school, and this letter is basically concerned about some courses I had been through. It is too bad some problems occurred. Otherwise, I was very satisfied with my learning experience there.

The management course is generally satisfactory. I have been especially impressed with the books the lecturer had recommended. I am convinced that what I learnt from the courses is of great use to my job. However, it has come to my attention that some of your lecturers are so young that they seem to have deficient experience in the field of management. They should connect those theories with the real world. In light of my long history as an on-the-job training participant, I trust that your school can manage to improve this situation. Those lecturers are undoubtedly aspiring, dedicated and responsible, but I personally suggest that they can undergo more practical training, and learn more about the application of theories.

Thanks a lot for your concern. I am looking forward to improvement, although I am no longer your student.

Sincerely yours…

Topic 7: You met an accident in the kitchen of your rent apartment. Write a letter to your landlord. In your letter, you

  • Explain the accident
  • Describe the damage caused
  • Suggest any remedy you think effective


I am writing to discuss with you how we work out a problem found in the kitchen of your apartment. I have been enjoying living in your apartment since I moved in, except a terrifying accident I met yesterday in the kitchen.

I was ready to cook last night around 7 p.m. as usual. However, the oven did not seem to work well, and it took about half an hour to get heated. When I turned on the light of the range hood and attempted to check out what happened to the oven, the light was broken. So I decided to exchange the bulb, but it finally led to the short circuit of the whole kitchen. I apologise for the inconvenience to which you have been put. However, so far the electricity supply is disconnected, and no appliance in the kitchen can be used. I do need your help on this matter.

Please contact me at the number 021 304 678 to discuss how we can work out this problem. I would like to know whether I should call upon you for further advice.

Best regards…

Topic 8: Your school has no sport facilities. Write to a nearby club to apply for a membership. In your letter, you

  • Provide personal information
  • Describe service or facilities you want
  • Inquire about the fees

To whom it may concern,

I am a student currently studying in St. Luke’s Grammar School, and I am interested in the membership of your club in late May. The school I am studying in has limited facilities and I have heard that your club is an excellent training service provider. Location is another reason why I perceive your club as the best option. It only takes fifteen minutes to get to your club on foot.

I appreciate receiving any pamphlets with information about facilities, such as weightlifting equipment, swimming pool, sauna, shower rooms and lockers. I was told that all these facilities are provided, but I am writing for confirmation. By the way, I would love to be informed about membership fees and any discount I am entitled for. I am 16 years old, male, and holding an international student visa. Should you  have  any questions  or need  to  speak  to  me  about  my request,  you  can  reach  me  at or at (09) 365-4562.

I am looking forward to your earliest reply. Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Nancy Xia

Topic 9: You are going to London to take a training course for two months. Write a letter asking the local accommodation agency to reserve a flat for you. In the letter, you

  • Provide relevant information about yourself
  • Describe your requirement
  • Clarify when you would arrive

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am looking for a single-bedroom apartment in London. Please let me know if you have any suitable vacancies. I would be happy to give you a deposit to hold it.

I am about to attend a training course in London during the months of July and August, and St. Atlas Polytechnic College, the college where I will be studying, is at Queens Street. If possible, I would like to have an apartment that is within two or three miles of the college. The apartment is preferably spacious, air conditioned with a private bathroom, a telephone line and Internet access. I will appreciate it if it is quiet, comfortably furnished, because I think it will help me focus on my studies. I am willing to pay up to £ 500 a month.

I would appreciate hearing from you within the next two weeks. My email address is

Sincerely yours,

Johnson Lee

Topic 10: Your company is organising a language study programme, and all participants should go overseas to receive training. Write a letter to apply for participation. In your letter, you

  • Justify your application
  • Describe your work in your company
  • Explain how it will help your work

Dear Mr. Richard Bean,

I have heard that the company is organising a language study programme, and you are the chief  programme administrator. I wonder whether there are still some vacancies left so I could join this programme.

I am currently working in the marketing department as a manager assistant. One of our major tasks in this year is to explore the international market. The target countries include Canada, Australiaand New Zealand, most of which are English-speaking. As the chance of introducing our products to foreign customers is escalating, I am aware of the importance of developing communication skills in English. Our department head agrees on my plan. Your decision will not only help enrich my language skills, but also help enhance my performance.

I understand that the programme will last for two months from July to August, but I am convinced that my colleagues are capable enough to cope with my work over that period, as the busiest season normally starts from September. Please take my request into consideration, and I am looking forward to your favourable reply at an early date.

Sincerely yours,

Joanna Hopkins

Topic 11: You planed to have a meeting, but cancelled it for some reasons. You are writing to your business partner. In your letter, you

  • Explain reasons
  • Suggest date and venue of a new meeting
  • Apologise for your absence

Dear Mr. Gavin Levis,

I am writing to you in some embarrassment and with many apologies for my failure to attend the meeting we arranged on Feb 25th. If there was any inconvenience my absence may have caused you, please forgive me. I trust you will understand my reasons.

First, two machines of the factory I am supervising failed to operate two days before our meeting. I had to organise our technicians to fix the machines so as to avoid downtime. Both machines are fully repaired now and the manufacture is back to normal.

Second, one of my cousins was caught up in a traffic accident. To be frank, he is still in critical condition. As his parents are on a business trip far from home, I have to look after him.

I wonder if it is possible for us to arrange a new meeting in not too distant future. If it is convenient, Hilton Hotel at 7 p.m. on Feb 27th is a favourable choice for me. If it does not suit your schedule, please notify so that we can make alternative arrangements.

I am looking forward to your confirmation.

Yours faithfully…

Topic 12: You have a full-time job and an evening course, but for some reason you cannot continue the evening course. In a letter to the course coordinator, you

  • Explain reasons
  • Specify when you want to resume the course
  • Inquire about whether to pay more

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a student currently finishing an evening course in your school, and I am writing to inquire if it is possible that I can drop out of my class for the time being. There is no problem with the quality of the class or with the service of your school, but please forgive me, for I cannot afford the time at present.

As you might know, I am working full time at Telecom Telecommunications Company. One of my colleagues is now having two months maternity leave, and the company cannot find anybody to replace her. I have to work overtime every day to finish arranged work.

In addition to my job, my experience in the Spanish language study is another problem. As I am a new learner, I have met difficulty in keeping pace with the class. I think it better for me to do some review work first, before moving into the further stage.

If possible, I would like your school to grant me a four-week break. I am expecting to continue my class, once the break is finished. I also wonder whether I should pay any extra money for this arrangement. To save you the trouble of replying, I prefer to telephone you if you permit.

Please confirm receiving my message at your convenience. Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely…

Topic 13: Write a letter to invite your friend to join a celebration function. In your letter, you

  • Explain the reasons to hold it
  • What you want your friend to do
  • Clarify date and whereabouts

Dear Jacky,

I am pleased to invite you to join our little celebration which is currently planned to be held on Feb 23rd. So far we have not yet decided the precise time, but there are a collection of choices about locations, which I want your suggestion, including my office, my home or anywhere you consider convenient. Your earliest response will be highly appreciated, and I will definitely take into consideration all suggestions from you or anybody else being invited, before reaching the final decision. The celebration is mainly concerned with my latest promotion. Without your thorough support, and my other friends and colleagues, it is impossible for me to be promoted, as I have been merely working for the company for half a year. Meanwhile, I feel it a precious chance for us, a group of friends, to come together to hold a relaxing talk and have some delicious food.

Please do not bring anything but yourself if you can come over. If you can add some amusements to the celebration, for example, some jokes, I will be greatly pleased. I am looking forward to your reply, and wailing to meet you.

Yours truly…

Topic 14: Your leg was injured, and your classmates in the language school visited you with gifts and cards. Write a letter to say thank you.

My dear classmates,

How are you doing? I have been missing you so much and I cannot wait to return to the school and join the class as soon as possible. The doctor told me that I am able to recover within 14 days, so it will be not long before I can reunite with you guys.

Being arranged with such a class is one of my biggest fortunes. I was not interested in the language study to any extent in the past, but since I joined this class, I have become immersed into the study.

Every time when I met a problem, I could receive immediate aids from you guys. With confidence in overcoming those problems, I can continue my study with zeal. Outings, parties, balls, and so forth, all have left me permanent memories.

I am also overwhelmed with gratitude that you paid a visit to me with roses   (the kind of flower I like most) and cards. I can feel strength from those soothing words you delivered to me. I am expecting to meet you in the class and have everything back to normal.

Please send my best regards to our teachers.

Yours cordially….

Topic 15: You noticed an advertisement on the Internet and want to apply for the job advertised there. Write a letter to the company. In your letter, you

  • Describe your interest
  • Describe your qualifications (e. g., work experience)
  • Explain the reasons why you think you are suitable for the job

Dear Mr. Jordan.

With reference to your advertisement in www., I would very much like to be considered for the vacancy of office junior in your company. Below are particulars of my previous experience:

I am at present employed with Plying Limited, having been with them for three years as their sales representative. My only reason for wishing to make a change is that it may improve my position. Prior to my present job placement, I worked for Anderson Limited for three years, during the last two of which I was a PA. I also acquired much know ledge of international trade in summer internships when I was a college student. I received my Bachelor of Commerce degree in International Trade from St. Johns University.

May I stress that I am particularly interested in working in an international business company like yours and have considerable experience in this field. Enclosed is a copy of my curriculum vitae which gives further information.

I hope that I may be granted an interview.

Yours faithfully….

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