Future Continuous Exercise

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Make the positive future continuous:
At three o’clock tomorrow…
1. I ________________________ (work) in my office.
2. You ________________________ (lie) on the beach.
3. He ________________________ (wait) for the train.
4. She ________________________ (shop) in New York.
5. It ________________________ (rain).
6. We ________________________ (get) ready to go out.
7. They ________________________ (meet) their parents.
8. He ________________________ (study) in the library.
9. She ________________________ (exercise) at the gym.
10. I ________________________ (sleep).

At three o’clock tomorrow…
1. I’ll be working in my office.
2. You’ll be lying on the beach.
3. He’ll be waiting for the train.
4. She’ll be shopping in New York.
5. It’ll be raining.
6. We’ll be getting ready to go out.
7. They’ll be meeting their parents.
8. He’ll be studying in the library.
9. She’ll be exercising at the gym.
10. I’ll be sleeping.

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