Intermediate Listening Lesson #19

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Step 1:   Listen to Dialog

Do not view the questions until after you have listened to the audio file. Reading the questions first will not help you improve your English listening skills. 

Step 2:   

1. What sport are they talking about?
a) Baseball
b) Basketball
c) Football
d) Soccer

2. Why does he like the sport they are talking about?
a) It is fun to both watch and play
b) It is a good form of exercise
c) It is very challenging
d) It is a great way to meet people

3. Why are there other forms of this sport such as two hand touch and the usage of flags?
a) Because it makes the game more interesting
b) Because it is a safer way to play
c) Because it requires less people
d) Because they don’t know all the rules

4. Where do they play every Saturdays?
a) In the high school field
b) The field by the tennis courts
c) In the apartment complex
d) In the sports center

1. c      2. a       3. b       4. b
1. Football
2. It is fun to both watch and play
3. Because it is a safer way to play
4. The field by the tennis courts

If you are uncertain about the answers to the questions, listen to the audio file again after having read the questions. After you have made all your selections, you may view the answers to see how you did. 

Step 3:   

A: “What sports do you like to play?”
B: “I like baseball and basketball.”
A: “How about football?”
B: “In my country football is brand new, so I never learned the game when I was younger.”
A: “It’s a very popular game in America.”
B: “Yeah. I heard a lot about it. Is it really that fun?”
A: “For me, it’s one of those games that are fun to both watch and play.”
B: “Are you a football player?”
A: “No, just for fun with my friends. We play two hand touch or flag football. We’re too old to play tackle football.”
B: “What is two hand touch and flag football?”
A: “Instead of tackling somebody, you just have to touch them with two hands, or if it is flag football, grab the flag that the ball carrier is wearing.”
B: “I see. It’s safer then right?”
A: “Exactly. We play every Saturdays on the field by the tennis courts. If you want to learn and play a little, you’re welcome to join us.”
B: “I’ll give it a try. Give me a call and let’s go down together.”
A: “Ok. I’ll call you Saturday morning.”
B: “Great.” 

You should read the Conversation Dialog to help you study after going through the listening lesson. Do not view the Conversation Dialog prior to listening to the audio, or prior to answering all the questions. 

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