Intermediate Listening Lesson #22 –

Intermediate Listening Lesson #22

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Step 1:   Listen to Dialog

Do not view the questions until after you have listened to the audio file. Reading the questions first will not help you improve your English listening skills. 

Step 2:   

1. What is the person trying on in the dressing room?
a) Pants
b) Jacket
c) Sweater
d) Shirt

2. How can this person save 10% off the sweater?
a) Waiting until the sale happens this weekend
b) Using a coupon in the catalog
c)  Filling out a survey
d) Opening a department store credit card

3. What else is this person looking for?
a) Pants
b) Jacket
c)  Sweater
d)  Shirt

4. Why is the person not going to buy the second item?
a)  Jacket sleeves are too long
b) Pants are too long
c) Sweater is too bulky
d) The shirt is too tight

1. c    2. d      3. a       4.b
1. Sweater
2. Opening a department store credit card
3. Pants
4. Pants are too long

If you are uncertain about the answers to the questions, listen to the audio file again after having read the questions. After you have made all your selections, you may view the answers to see how you did. 

Step 3:   

A: “Where is your dressing room?”
B: “Right over there.”
Person A comes out of the dressing room
B: “How did you like the sweater?”
A: “I loved it. I’ll take it.”
B: “Great. I can ring you up over here. It comes to $87.04.”
A: “Here you go?”
B: “Do you have a credit card with us?”
A: “No I don’t.”
B: “If you open up a card, you can save 10% on all your purchases today.”
A: “Not today. Thanks though.”
B: “No problem. We always have this offer, so when ever you decide to, just let us know.”
A: “Sure.”
B: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
A: “Yeah. I was looking at some of your pants, but they are all a bit too long. Do you have alteration services here?”
B: “Yes. It cost $7, and it takes one day.”
A: “Great. Thanks for your help.”
B: “Thank you, and have a great day.” 

You should read the Conversation Dialog to help you study after going through the listening lesson. Do not view the Conversation Dialog prior to listening to the audio, or prior to answering all the questions. 

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