Intermediate Listening Lesson #23

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Step 1:   Listen to Dialog

Do not view the questions until after you have listened to the audio file. Reading the questions first will not help you improve your English listening skills. 

Step 2:   

1. What material is the bracelet?
a) Platinum
b) Silver
c) White gold
d) Gold

2. What was the occasion of the gift?
a) No occasion
b) A birthday present
c) Anniversary present
d) A wedding present

3. What does she want next?
a) A ring
b) A bracelet
c) A necklace
d) A pendant

4. When does she want a ring from her boyfriend?
a) As soon as possible
b) Next year
c) Never
d) A little later after she is ready

1. c    2. a    3. c     4. d
1. White gold
2. No occasion
3. A necklace
4. A little later after she is ready

If you are uncertain about the answers to the questions, listen to the audio file again after having read the questions. After you have made all your selections, you may view the answers to see how you did. 

Step 3:   

A: “I love your bracelet. When did you get it?”
B: “I got it awhile ago, but I haven’t worn it much. You really like it?”
A: “Yeah. It’s beautiful. Is it white gold or silver?”
B: “It’s white gold.”
A: “Where did you buy it?”
B: “My boyfriend took me to the Shane Co. and he let me pick it out.”
A: “That’s so sweet. What was the occasion?”
B: “That’s the best part. It wasn’t for anything special. He just wanted to buy me something.”
A: “You’re so lucky. If he bought you something for no special day, I wonder what he would buy you for your birthday.”
B: “My birthday is coming up next month. We’ll find out pretty soon.”
A: “What do you want?”
B: “I wouldn’t mind a necklace. I was at the jewelry shop looking around, and they have a couple of beautiful necklaces I want.”
A: “Why not a ring?”
B: “I don’t think I’m ready for a ring from him yet.”
A: “But you’re ready for everything else?”
B: “Damn right.” 

You should read the Conversation Dialog to help you study after going through the listening lesson. Do not view the Conversation Dialog prior to listening to the audio, or prior to answering all the questions. 

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