Between or Among?

between two

We say that something is between two people, things, or groups of things.

  • She was standing between Alice and Mary.
  • a long valley between high mountains

Between is often used to talk about distances or intervals.

  • We need two meters between the windows.
  • I’ll be at the office between nine and eleven.

Between is common before each.

  • There seems to be less and less time between each birthday.

between or among more than two

We usually say that somebody or something is between several clearly separate people or things. We prefer among when somebody or something is in a group, a crowd or a mass of people or things which we do not see separately.

Our house is between the woods, the river and the village.
His house is hidden among the trees.
I saw something between the wheels of the car.
Your letter is somewhere among all these papers.

Among is normal before a singular (uncountable) noun.

They found an envelope full of money among all the rubbish.

dividing and sharing; difference

We can talk about dividing or sharing things between or among more than two people or groups.

  • He divided all his money between/among his children and grandchildren.
  • We shared the work between/among the five of us.

We normally use between after difference.

  • There are enormous differences between languages.
  • What’s the difference between ‘between’ and ‘among’?

4 ‘one of’ etc

Among can mean ‘one of’, ‘some of’ or ‘included in’.

  • Among the first to arrive was the ambassador.
  • He has a number of criminals among his friends.

Test yourself

1. Heather has to choose _____________ Andrew, David, an Chris before the prom next month.
a. among
b. between
2. The teacher was popular ____________ the students.
a. among
b. between
3.Ava chose _____________ three Ivy League schools.
a. among
b. between
4. He didn’t want to hear the debate ___________ the two candidates.
a. among
b. between
5. At first he didn’t notice there was a wolf __________ his flock of sheep.
a. among
b. between

6. I can’t choose between these movies.
a. true
b. false
7.At the concert, I was among many drunk people.
a. true
8.We had to chose among vodka, rum, or gin.
a. true
b. false
9. Bella has to choose between Edward or Jacob.
a. true
b. false
10. I had an hour between work and school to finish my homework.
a. true
b. false

Answer ⇓



1- b             6-b
2-b              7-a
3-a              8-b
4-b              9-a
5-a              10-a



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