Classroom phrases

The beginning of the lesson


Hello everyone
Good morning everybody
Good afternoon class
How are you getting on
What a lovely day
How are things with you
Are you feeling better today David
What a rainy day
Today is very cold, isn’t it?

Time to begin

Let’s begin today’s lesson
Let’s begin our lesson now
I think we can start now
Is everybody ready to start
Now we can get down to work
It’s time to begin please stop talking
I’m waiting for you to be quiet
Settle down now we can start
We won’t start until everyone is quiet
Stop talking and be quiet


My name is Mr, Mrs, Miss Smith
I will be teaching you English this year
I am your new English teacher
I’ve got five lessons with you each week


Who isn’t here today
Who is absent today
Why were you absent last Friday,Tom
What’s the matter with Anna today
What’s wrong with Anna today


We started 10 minutes ago what have you been doing
Did you oversleep
Did you miss your bus
Where have you been
Don’t let it happen again

During the lesson

Common instructions

Instructions can be used at the beginning of a session
We’ll learn how to…
Are you ready
Open your books at page…
Turn to page….

Comprehension language
Do you get it
Are you with me
Are you ok
Do you follow me
Ok so far

Other common instructions
Come in / go out
Stand by your desks
Stand up / sit down
Come to the front of the class
Put your hands down
Hold your books / pens up

Classroom management

Giving instructions
Open your books at page 75
I want you all to join in
The whole class, please
All together now.
Come out and write it on the board

First / first of all
After that / then
Next / next one please
For the last thing today. Let’s
Whose turn is it to read

Stop talking
Look this way
Leave that alone now
Be careful
Listen to what…. is saying

Any questions
Who knows the answer
Louder, please
A full sentence, please

Responding to questions
Yes, that’s right
Almost. Try again
What about this word

That’s interesting
That’s really is very kind of you
Don’t worry about it
Have a go! have another try!

Error correction

Giving feedback to students
Magnificent / right / fine / yes
Very good / that’s very good
Great stuff / well done
You did a great job
That’s it / yes you’ve got it
Fantastic / that’s nice
It depends
You’ve improved a lot
You are on the right lines
There is no hurry
Unfortunately not
Good try, but not quite right

Special situations
Happy birthday
Merry Christmas
Did you oversleep
Did you miss your bus
Where have you been
Don’t let it happen again
Best of luck / congratulations
Better luck next time
I hope you all have a good Christmas
Do you feel better today
Are you better now
I’ll be back in a moment
I’ve got to go next door for a moment
I have a sore throat
I have a headache
Do you mind if I sit down

The end of the lesson

Time to stop

Let’s stop now.
It’s time to finish now.
It’s almost time to stop.
We have run out of time.
There is the bell.
Have you finished?
Stop now.
Pack up your books.
Collect your work, please.
We will have to stop here.
One minute to finish that activity.
Are your desks tidy?

Not time to stop

The bell hasn’t gone yet.
The lesson doesn’t finish till ten past
We seem to have finished early.
Just a moment, please.
Just hold on a moment.
Just a sec/ just a second/ wait for it!
There are still three minutes to go.
One more thing before you go.
We still have a couple of minutes left.
Hang on a moment.


Remember your homework.
Take a worksheet as you live.
What do you have to do before the next lesson?
Prepare the next chapter for Tuesday.
This is your homework for tonight.
Finish this exercise.
There is no homework tonight.

Next time

we will do the rest of this chapter next time.
We have run out of time so we will come to next lesson.
We’ll continue this chapter next Monday.
We’ll finish this exercise next lesson.
The next class starts at 7 o’clock
We’ll do some more practice of this in the next class.

Goodbye & living the room

Goodbye, everyone.
See you again next Thursday.
Have a good holiday.
Enjoy your vacation.
See you tomorrow afternoon.
Form a queue and wait for the bell.
Get into a queue/ it’s tidy up time.
Try not to make any noise as you leave.
Be quiet as you leave. Other classes are still working.


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