How to use “All”

All refers to three or more items.

I’ll take all three shirts, please.
I’ll take both shirts.
(NOT … all two shirts.)

All (of) with nouns and pronouns

All modifies nouns or pronouns.

All (of) the people were singing.
my love to them all.
I haven’t read all of it.

With the subject or the verb
When all modifies the subject, it can go either with the subject or with the
All the people were singing. The people were all singing.

All without a noun
All can sometimes be used without a noun to mean ‘everything’ but only in
certain structures.

All that matters is to be happy. That’s all.

All with adjectives, adverbs,

All can be used to emphasize some adjectives, prepositions, and adverbs.

You’re all wet.
I was all alone.
It’s all because of you.
She walked all round the town.
Tell me all about your holiday.
I looked all round, but I couldn’t
see anything.

Before a noun with a determiner (for example
the, my, this), all and all of are both possible. All is more common than all of
She’s eaten all (of) the cake. All (of) my friends like riding.
Before a noun with no determiner, we do not normally use of
All children can be difficult.
(NOT All fJjchifdren … )

all of + personal pronoun
With personal pronouns, we use all of + us/you/them.
All of us/you/them
can be a subject or object.

  • All of us can come tomorrow
  • She has invited all of you
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