How to use ‘Because’

Because and Because of

Because is a conjunction. It is used at the beginning of a clause, before a
subject and verb.
Because of is a two-word preposition, used before a noun or a pronoun.


We were late because it rained. (NOT because of it rained.)
We were late because of the rain.
because the rain.)
I’m happy because I met you.
I’m happy because of you.

Position of because-clauses

Because and its clause can go after or before the main clause.

  • I finished early because I worked fast.
  • Because I worked fast, I finished early.

Because-clauses can sometimes stand alone, especially as answers or after

  • Why are you crying?~ Because John and I have had a row.
  • I don’t think I’ll go to the party … Because I’m feeling a bit tired.

Just because … (it) doesn’t mean …

This is quite a common structure in informal speech.

  • Just because you’re older than me (it) doesn’t mean you can do what
    you like.
  • Just because I’m your brother (it) doesn’t mean you can keep asking me for money

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