Important usages of “As”

As and though

adjective/adverb/noun + as + clause

As and though can be used in a special structure after an adjective, adverb or noun. In this case they both mean ‘although‘, and suggest an emphatic contrast. (In AmE only as is normally used like this; though is unusual.)

Cold as/though it was, we went out. (= Although it was very cold, … )
Bravely as/though they fought, they had no chance of winning.
Much as/though I respect your point of view, I can’t agree.
Strange though it may seem, I don’t like watching cricket.
Scat though she was, she supported the English team.

Occasionally as can be used in this structure to mean ‘because‘.
Tired as she was, I decided not to disturb her.

In American English, as … as is common.
As cold as it was, we went out.

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