Most used Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb    Meaning                                       
Back away! move backward, away from something frightening or dangerous
Back off! (slang – rude) stop bothering or threatening someone
Back up! move backward; step backward; drive backward
Bear down! push or press down hard
Bend down! lean over and forward; lean down
Bend over! lean forward from the waist
Breathe in! take a breath in; take air into the lungs
Breathe out! take a breath out; push air out of the lungs
Brighten up! be cheerful; be happier
Buckle down! start working, studying, or doing something else seriously
Buddy up! find a partner
Bugger off! (slang – rude) Go away!
Butt out! (slang ­– rude) don’t interfere
Buzz off! (slang – rude) Go away!
Calm down! relax, don’t be angry, don’t be upset, don’t be worried
Carry on! keep doing what you were doing
Cheer up! be happier; don’t be sad
Chill out! relax; don’t be upset or angry
Clean up! clean yourself or your surroundings
Close down! close a shop or business so it is not operating

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