Right Usage of ‘at, in and to’

Expressions with no preposition

At/on/in are not normally used in expressions of time before next, last, this, that (sometimes), one, any (in an informal style), each, every, some, all.

See you next week.
Are you free this morning?
I’m at home every evening.
We stayed all day.
Come any time.
I didn’t feel very well that week.
Let’s meet one day.

These prepositions are not normally used, either, before yesterday, the day
before yesterday, tomorrow
the day after tomorrow.

  • What are you doing the day after tomorrow?

And prepositions are usually dropped in questions beginning What/Which + expression of time, and in answers which only contain an expression of time.

  • What day is the meeting?
  • Which week did you say you’re on holiday?
  • What time are you leaving-: Eight o’cloc

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