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Collocation in IELTS

This refers to words (often two or three) that are commonly placed together. There may be grammatical reasons for this, but there may not be. It may be that through long-term usage, it just sounds correct. It is one of...


Most used phrasal verbs in IELTS

In the IELTS test, using phrasal verbs in your speaking section of the test especially will show your examiner that your speaking skills are natural. It is very important, though, to use them correctly, so you should study them beforehand....


Best IELTS tips

IELTS Exam Tip 1 Listening Tip When you have to answer multiple-choice questions, remember that the information might be expressed in different ways in the recording.Listen for ideas, not particular words, and phrases. Reading Tip Remember that skimming and scanning are important exam skills....