Usage of any Vs every and no

Any and every

Any and every can both be used to talk in general about all the members of a class or group.
Any/Every child can learn to swim.

The meaning is not quite the same. Any looks at things one at a time: it means ‘whichever one you choose’, ‘this or that or the other’. Every looks at things together: its meaning is closer to ‘all’, ‘this and that and the other’. Compare:
Which newspaper would you like? ~ It doesn’t matter. Any one. (= one or
another or another)
(NOT … Every’ one.)
On the stand there were newspapers and magazines of every kind.
(= one
and another and another)
(NOT … magazines of any kind.)

Any and no: adverbs

Any can modify comparatives. This happens mostly in questions and negative sentences, and after if .
Can you go any faster?
You don’t look any older than your daughter.
(= You don’t look at all
older … )
If I were any younger, I’d fall in love with you.
can also be used in this way (but not some).
I’m afraid the weather’s no better than yesterday.

We can also use any and no with different.
This school isn’t any different from the last one.
Is John any better? ~ No different. Still very ill.

Any/no good; any/no use
Note the expressions any good/use and no good/use.
Was the film any good? This watch is no use. It keeps stopping.


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