Use ‘ask’ correctly

Ask and Ask for

Ask for: ask somebody to give something. Ask without for: ask somebody to tell something.
– Don’t ask me for money. (NOT Don’t ask me money.)
Don’t ask me my name.
(More common than Don’t ask me for my name.)
– Ask for the menu.
– Ask the price.

Ask is sometimes used without for when talking about asking for sums of
money, especially in connection with buying, selling and renting.
They’re asking £500 a month rent.
How much is the car?~ I’m asking fifteen hundred.

Note also the expressions

  • ask a lot of somebody
  • ask too much of somebody
  • ask a favor of somebody
  • ask (for) permission.

We can use infinitive structures after ask

ask + infinitive

I asked to go home. (=I asked permission to go home.)

ask + object + infinitive

I asked John to go home. (= I told John I would like him to go home.)

ask + for + object + infinitive

I asked for the children to have extra milk.
I asked for the parcel to be sent to my home address.

Note the difference between these two sentences:
I asked John to go home. (I wanted John to go home.)
I asked John if I could go home. (I wanted to go home myself.)


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